Interview: Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence Talk The Silent Twins

I first noticed Agnieszka Smoczynska when I discovered the film The snooze. It was a strange and beautiful horror tale, one that revolved around the intense relationship between sisters. And yes, they were mermaids. The movie was fascinating and unforgettable. And now the filmmaker takes on another exciting tale, one that revolves around the true story of sisters June and Jennifer Gibbons called The silent twins. What made their story special is that for years they would only talk to each other. It’s a unique telling of their story, and it also features two fantastic performances from Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence.

We recently sat down to speak with both Ms. Wright and Ms. Lawrence. I was so completely mesmerized by their on-screen connection that I asked how they approached recreating such an incredible sisterly bond. For Letitia I asked about coming out of a movie like Black Panther – she will return in November i Wakanda forever – and then step into this world. The two also opened up about working with a filmmaker like Agnieszka. And honestly, the more I see of her cinematic explorations, the more I can’t wait to see what’s next. The silent twins is a unique, compelling and emotional feature and it is currently playing in theaters. Worth checking out if you want something fresh and original.

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