Interview: Felicia Day & Rebecca Hanson from MST3K

Back in its original run on Comedy Central in the 90s, Mystery Science Theater 3000 gave his loyal fans something to be truly thankful for on Thanksgiving Day with the “Turkey Day Marathon,” where MST3K the cast would host a selection of episodes to make you laugh at B-movie cheesiness as your turkey slowly prepares itself throughout the day. And the past few years have not only brought us back MST3K, but also that of the Turkey Day Marathon, which this year hosts the marathon’s first-ever female host lineup: Felicia Day and Rebecca Hanson, who play respectively Kinga and Synthia Forrester, two of the evil Forrester family scientists who continue to keep unhappy humans held hostage in space with some robot friends to suffer through (and make jokes about) the worst movies ever made. On top of that, this year’s Turkey Day is “surgically enhanced,” with six classic episodes from the show’s original 1989-1999 run that have been digitally remastered from their original broadcasts, and two brand new episodes from MST3K’s 13th season that have aired all this past year on the show’s crowdfunded streaming platform, The Gizmoplex. Join Jesse Shade of Really good movies for this exclusive interview as we sit down at the virtual dinner table with Felicia and Rebecca to discuss all things Turkey Day and MST3K. Sip sip!

The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon will be broadcast live on most major streaming services – YouTube, Twitch, Pluto TV, etc. – starting tomorrow at 7 a.m. ET/4 a.m. PT. You can stream the marathon without ads at MST3K.comas well as rent/buy the series’ brand new 13th season, which ends with its Christmas special (THE CHRISTMAS DRAGON) premiering on DECEMBER 16.

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