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How microaggressions against black journalists continue to hold everyone back | Black Writers Week

Why do we still have the same tired conversation repeatedly on a loop?

One would have thought with the virtual conference feature that was introduced to interviews that the studies would be ecstatic. After all, they saved millions on hotel and flight reservations globally, premiere events, personal press conferences, booking venues for personal viewings, while achieving coverage almost three times in one fell swoop.

But when the world opened up and people were allowed to come outside their homes, the same doors that cracked open, slammed and nailed shut. Some companies and / or studios would lie to your face about the dates of the junkets and / or who was not available and why. Do these people really think that journalists do not talk to each other and share details while noticing that the facts given do not match or make logical sense?

How do you film with women in the lead, starring and / or producing but not inviting colored women from all walks of life to participate? If we are present, it’s a handful of us. And do not let it be a red carpet! If you are not with a regular media outlet or have solid connections or relationships with those in power, you will find yourself referred to the “underground rail” section near the end, and struggle with four or five other outlets for just one quote. As the content begins to decline, you come to the realization that the invitations were never meant to include you … period.

For many of my colleagues, emails for studies are now unanswered. Invitations are few, and the same black journalists and colored journalists who seemed indispensable are now being joked about everything from shows to moderation to junket invitations (virtual or personal).

This is a call to inspire some real action instead of cyclical and lasting oral luck. Let’s keep it real, I’ll be the first to say you will not be confirmed for every interview, junket, screening, etc … that’s just the way it is.

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