House of 1000 Corpses: Trick or Treat Studios releases a series of action figures

Last year, Trick or Treat Studios released a 5″ tall action figure of the character Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie‘s directorial debut The house with 1000 corpses (see it HERE) – and you can buy the Captain Spaulding figure, which is called “Finger Lickin’ Pistol Whippin’ Captain Spaulding action figure”, at THIS LINK. Now Trick or Treat Studios is accepting pre-orders for four more The house with 1000 corpses action figures: Showtime Baby Firefly (who is accompanied by Fishboy), Rabbit Roastin’ Otis Driftwood, Rippin’ Ax Professor and Driller Killer Doctor Satan. These figures can be pre-ordered at THIS LINK.

That The house with 1000 corpses figures are sold separately, and a collection case can also be purchased. If you order all the new figures and the collector’s box, you’ll have all the pieces you need to assemble another figure: Build-a-figure Little Firefly! Tiny’s torso and head come with the collectible box, his right arm comes with Doctor Satan, his left arm comes with Professor, his right leg comes with Otis, and his left leg comes with Baby.

Each figure retails for $19.99 and the collectible box retails for $29.99. The new numbers and the case are expected to start airing on 20 February 2023. So fans should receive these in time for the film’s 20th anniversary.

Written and directed by Zombie, The house with 1000 corpses has the following synopsis:

Two young couples go on a wayward trip into the back roads of America in search of a local legend known as Dr. Satan. Lost and stranded, they are attacked by a bizarre family of psychotics. Murder, cannibalism and satanic rituals are just a few of the more than 1000 horrors that await.

The film stars Sid Haig, Karen Black, Bill MoseleySheri Moon Zombie, Rainn Wilson, Erin Daniels, Dennis Fimple, Walton Goggins, Chris Hardwick, Jennifer Jostyn, Irwin Keyes, Matthew McGrory, Robert Mukes, Walter Phelan, Michael J. Pollard, Tom Towles, Harrison Young and Jake McKinnon.

Do you want to collect The house with 1000 corpses action figures? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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