HBO Max, Discovery+ streaming services will merge into a single platform in 2023

Given recent actions taken by Warner Bros. Discovery, it would be understandable to be concerned about the HBO Max streaming service. During the company’s second quarter earnings call, it was announced that HBO Max would merge with Discovery+, with the combined streaming service set to launch in the US in the summer of 2023.

JB Perrette, CEO and president of global streaming and interactive at Warner Bros. Discovery said the HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service will combine the best elements of both. “At the end of the day, bringing all the content together was the only way we could make this a viable business,” Perrette explained, adding that the combined service will include”something for every taste in the household.” The company did not announce a new brand for the service or what it will cost, but HBO Max currently costs $14.99 a month without ads and $9.99 a month with ads in the US, while Discovery+ is priced at $6.99 per month without ads and $4.99 per month with ads.

Perrette said that HBO Max has had “performance and customer” problems but offers a rich set of features, while Discovery+ has a “more robust underlying delivery capability” despite its more limited features. He added that “there is much work to be done in the coming months” with getting a handle on the combined HBO Max and Discovery streaming service. “There is a lot to do, we are determined to get it right, which will take some time,Perrette said. The primary focus of the rollout will be on markets where HBO Max has already been launched. “We plan to launch the service sequentially starting in the US next summer,Perrette said. “Latin America will follow later this year. European markets with HBO Max will follow in early ’24 with additional launches and key Asia-Pacific territories and some new European markets coming later in 2024.“Warner Bros. Discovery expects to have 130 million streaming subscribers worldwide by 2025.

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