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“It’s a true blessing to be here today celebrating Mom’s 103rd birthday,” Joshlyn said. “We never knew from day to day what to expect when she was in the hospital, except for one thing, she was determined to come to this party!” Laughing hard, Joshlyn said there wasn’t a day that went by that her mom didn’t ask about some detail at the party, whether it was the caterers, the decorations or the invitations. “When she got sick, she didn’t want us to know because she thought we were going to cancel her party. And when she finally got out of the hospital, the first thing she said was, ‘Don’t put salt in my food. “I want to stay healthy.”

When I interviewed Mrs. Stovall a few years ago, her words of wisdom were, “Live life one day at a time.” Yesterday, as she sat between her brother, Jeffrey Davis, who is 95, and her “Baby Sister”, Eula Davis, who is 83, (her brother Herman Davis, who is 87, had not yet made it the party), she had a definite piece of advice for me: “Family is love!” In addition to Joshlyn, she was also surrounded by her children Alfreda Williams, Jacinto Dortch, Alonzo Stovall, Barbara Stovall Carter and Rodney Stovall, and by various grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews and in-laws. There are obviously good genes in their family. Jeffrey and his wife Dorothy drove all the way from Mobile, Alabama, to Chicago to attend the party.

Mrs. Stovall with her 95-year-old brother Jeffrey Davis and 83-year-old “Baby Sister”, Eula Davis. (Her brother Herman Davis, 87, could not attend the party today.)

I arrived later at the party due to a previous engagement, but still managed to get there in time for the peach cobbler. I sat with Thelma Ramsey, a friend of Mrs. Stovall of Friendship Baptist Church, who told me, “She’s great, she’s soft, but people listen to her when she talks and they respect her. And she still inspires us.” Hare neighbors said that on their own, Mrs. Stovall organized Thanksgiving dinners for people in the building who didn’t have families because she loved to feed people.

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