Gutsy offers a chance to relax into the Clintons’ worldview | TV/streaming

The thing about “Gutsy” is that it really revels in the performances of its subjects, not just its famous central couple. The show features women who have done amazing things and is careful to put together an expansive and powerful definition of what amazing or ‘brave’ is. Hillary and Chelsea met with a mix of high and low profile figures ranging from faith leaders Rev. Whittney Ijanaten to Kim Kardashian to nurse Belinda Ellis, who describes how Covid was more harrowing than the time she spent breastfeeding in war zones.

Pushing it even further, “Gutsy” pairs “Ru Paul Drag Race” season 13 winner Symone (aka Reggie Gavin) with two of the Little Rock Nine, Minniejean Brown-Trickey and Carlotta Walls LaNier, in the penultimate episode, “Gutsy Women Take Leaps.” It’s supposed to be about women making big, hard decisions, but it’s really about Arkansas, what it meant to the Clintons, its place in the nation’s history, and where it is now. The interviews are touching, if the concept is a bit contrived, yet it serves the show’s formula well. Plus any series that can be successfully displayed Dolores Huertathe well-known labor activist and mother of eleven (now grandmother of fourteen, great-grandmother of four) and Megan Thee stallion Discussing how she deals with haters (partly through painting) deserves some credit.

It is a difficult balancing act to makecelebrating the full diversity of womanhood without reducing half the population to one type, not just ticking boxes around diversity, but truly understanding it. Thanks to eight episodes of more than 40 minutes, “Gutsy” has diversity within its diversity, for example, showing black women as activists, comics, thinkers and mothers. The result is a compelling documentary series that rises above its elements, defining aspiring womanhood as smart, strong and human.

The entire season screened for review. The show premieres on Apple TV+ on September 9.

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