12 Great TV Shows That Never Got an Emmy Nomination

Like the Academy Awards and Golden Globes Emmy Awards is a prestigious ceremony that celebrates outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. But they are specifically aimed at television – which in the last few decades has seen a lot of development. The bar is only being raised higher and higher for TV as film technology advances and major streamers spend huge chunks of change on prestige dramas.

With so many TV shows on offer today, not everyone can receive a nod when the Emmys roll around. That’s not to say that these unrecognized shows lack quality—some of them are truly top notch. But when you have shows like this Succession and Ted Lasso racking up nominations in spades, it’s easy for a few incredible shows to get overlooked.

While the medium of a television drama gives creators the unique opportunity to tell a story over an extended period of time, the traditional sitcom format allows for multiple stories to be told with the same set of familiar characters. These beloved sitcoms, such as The Brady Bunch and The Addams Family, served as weekly family entertainment in the 1960s and 1970s. Although they’ve become cultural phenomena today, you might be surprised to learn that they didn’t get much critical attention as far as the Emmy Awards were concerned. What appeals to critics is not always what appeals to mass audiences. However, in the years since their original run, these shows have received due credit for their exceptional quality.

Below, you’ll find 12 great TV shows that never received a single Emmy nomination.

12 Great TV Shows With Zero Emmy Nominations

These amazing TV shows were completely snubbed by the Emmys.

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