Goonie’s house neighbor asks fans to get off their lawn

The Goonies house is causing trouble for the neighbors again, just two months after a new owner bought the iconic Walsh home.

Footers may say never die, but their neighbors say, “GOONIES NOT WELCOME.” That’s what a banner outside a house in the same neighborhood as the famous one Tumbling the house reads.

the news coming not long after that Tumbling The house was put up for sale last November. The buyer of the home, Behman Zakeri, bought it for $1.65 million and admitted that he is actually a big fan of the beloved 1985 adventure film. The house, located in Astoria, Oregon, has turned out to be a big tourist attraction. And that is precisely why one neighbor is up in arms and protesting against the constant traffic in the neighbourhood.

The Zakeri seem to remain civil, but a neighborhood feud seems to be brewing around them Tumbling House. The home between Zakeri and the neighborhood has now hung a sign that reads: “IGNORE KAREN”with an arrow pointing towards the relevant residence.

Zakeri has tried to keep things civil, inviting Tumbling fans to be respectful when visiting the house. “Let’s not go into the neighbors’ yard. Let’s not mess with their stuff…If they want to come and take selfies, if they want to geocache or whatever and say, ‘I was Tumbling house,’ and make the truffle mixture, then proceed. Just be respectful, like everything else.”

The new owner of Tumbling house previously mentioned, “The reason I’m buying it is for the community. . . . Someone has to be a caretaker, someone has to preserve landmarks. Someone has to keep it original and not be demonstrated.” Come on, that’s almost a line out of the movie! He also said that explicitly “Goonies are welcome.”
As mentioned in a previous article, is Tumbling house saw upwards of 1,000 visitors each day during the film’s 30th anniversary. With the 40th anniversary just a few years away, the number is likely to only increase. Who knows, maybe it hits at least 1,002 visitors, which Data (Ke Huy Quan) and Chunk (Jeff Cohen) have remained closewhere Cohen helps secure Everything everywhere at once deal for Best Supporting Actor nominee.

What do you think? Should neighbors to Tumbling house embrace their neighborhood’s fame? Or do they have reasons to be upset? Let us know your opinion below!

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