Gone But Not Forgotten: Gargoyles – An animated gem from the 90s

In this episode of Gone But Not Forgotten, we look back at the mid-nineties animated series Gargoyles, starring Keith David.

After school cartoons were never cooler than they were in the nineties. Batman: The Animated Series setting the tone for how a cartoon could aim higher than just being children’s fodder. But in the middle of the night, Disney made their own incredible animated series, Gargoyles, which told a highly serialized story about nocturnal creatures that come alive at night and turn to stone by day. To this day, fans of the series continue to plead with Disney for a revival series on Disney+. Unfortunately, the House of Mouse has yet to grant the request, but if the passion remains, we may see another one Gargoyles series along the way. Led by an incredible voice cast that included Keith David, Ed Asner and many more Star Trek: The Next Generation actors such as Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, Gargoyles ran for only two seasons but had a cult following to this day. In this episode of Gone But Not Forgotten, written and edited by David Arroyo and narrated by Jesse Shade, we dig into why this show holds up more than twenty-five years later.

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