The Golden Globe Awards are set to return to NBC in 2023

The Golden Globe Awards took a year off the air, but it has been announced, via The Hollywood Reporterthat the show will continue again on NBC in 2023.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is the organization of non-US journalists and photographers covering the ceremony, was the subject of bad headlines ahead of the 2021 ceremony when a series of articles in the Los Angeles Times made it known that the HFPA contained zero blacks among its then 87 members. They also alleged that the HFPA had engaged in unethical behavior and suspect financial practices.

Things got so bad for the organization that several Hollywood constituencies, including many Hollywood publicists, began boycotting the HFPA. Arguably the biggest movie star working today, Tom Cruise, even returned the three Golden Globes he had previously been awarded. This bad press led NBC to decide not to air the ceremony in 2022.

It appears that the HFPA has made the necessary changes to get NBC to want to bring the ceremony back on the air. The organization quickly adopted significant reforms, including banning members from accepting gifts and removing a cap on new membership additions. This allowed the HFPA to add 21 new members, six of whom were black. Curiously, a quarter of the organization’s members voted against the changes, and a few even questioned the sincerity of the new measures and resigned.

It became clear that a faction of the coalition of publicists who were once so vociferously opposed to the HFPA were beginning to soften on them. Many of them want things to go back to normal because the Golden Globes telecast is usually the highest-rated awards show of the pre-Oscar season and they financially boost many of their Oscar hopeful projects. In recent weeks, the HFPA has also formed an advisory committee made up of publicists who are sympathetic to the idea of ​​playing nice with the organization again. The publicists also sent a briefing summarizing their progress and intentions for the future. They declare that they have “answered the call for change” and “increased diversity, transparency and accountability.”

Some remain weary of the organization and it will be interesting to see how many more minds they can change up to the ceremony. When they went ahead with the 2022 Golden Globe Awards, which were not televised, the show was not attended by any talent at all. It will take some work to bring the ceremony back to a return to form. Right now, NBC is looking at an air date on 10 January 2023, a Tuesday. The ceremony is typically broadcast on Sundays, but the first Sunday of the year is New Year’s Day and the second is Jan. 8, which is the last of the NFL regular season. Jan. 15, the third Sunday of the new year, has already been claimed by the Critics Choice Awards, so NBC must be hoping that the new night will bring big ratings.

Do YOU ​​agree with the Golden Globe Awards returning to NBC in 2023?

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