Ghost of Tsushima: Chad Stahelski will shoot the film exclusively in Japanese

It was announced last year that Chad Stahelski had signed direct a film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, the extremely popular video game that was released on PS4 two years ago. The game puts you in control of Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. While it might make sense for a Japanese story to be told in the Japanese language, this is Hollywood we’re talking about. They haven’t always believed that mainstream American audiences can handle subtitles, but Chad Stahelski hopes to help change that.

While talking to ColliderChad Stahelski explained why he is so excited to manage Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Honestly, these are probably the same things that would scare the crap out of most people. It’s a fantasy period piece. It’s done with reverence to Akira Kurosawa, who is probably among the five biggest influences in my life in terms of film. It’s a chance to push technology and people in a story that is timeless. It’s your typical mythological story of good versus evil, finding a man, watching him change the world or the world change him. It’s all the Joseph Campbell stuff you’d love in a story. Of course you add that so I’m told I have a bit of a Samurai fetish, which is probably true from Manga and anime and stuff.

Chad Stahelski also expressed his desire to shoot the film in Japanese with a Japanese cast. “It is character driven. It has an opportunity for great action, great looks,Stahelski said. “And honestly, we would try to do that, all in character. That means it’s a Japanese thing about the Mongols invading Tsushima Island. A full Japanese cast, in Japanese. Sony is helping us with that. I have been traveling to Japan since I was 16. I have a love for the country, love for the people, love for the language. Trying to direct not only in my language but someone else’s and culturally changing my mindset to take it apart in a cool way that still appeals to a western audience.” American audiences have become more and more accustomed to subtitles over the years, and while I understand that they are not for everyone, I hope that Chad Stahelski is able to bring his vision to life with Ghosts of Tsushima movie.

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