George Clooney says his Batman is better than Ben Affleck’s Batman

George Clooney will forever be associated with Batman for all the wrong reasons. That’s not to say the star hasn’t broken out of that shadow. Still, even with his successful resume and many famous roles, including Danny Ocean in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, Clooney has always been a good sport about poking fun at himself while trying to fill the mantle and cape in an early career move. Batman and Robin lives in critical blockbuster flop infamy, but has since gained an ironic and non-ironic appreciation for its campiness.

CBR reports that Clooney recently held a press conference at an open house at the Roybal Film & TV Magnet where Ocean’s star joked about being the best Batman, “You think about actors, you don’t really think about education. In general. I mean, you look at me and you think, ‘Oh, he’s just the best Batman!’

The ghost was met with laughter and applause before reaching out to an audience member to ask who the best was. Audience member responded, “Ben Affleck.” Clooney’s wit and humor then fired back with, “The best available. Ben Affleck, really? He’s got nothing on me!” More laughter followed.

Clooney has been known to call his performance “terrible” and has taken responsibility for “killing the Batman franchise.” He’s referring to the first-generation franchise that started with 1989’s Batman starring Michael Keaton, who returns in The Flash. On the other hand, Affleck has had a mixed reception with his take, as his Batman has been tossed around the DCEU and not had a chance to shine in a solo film. The solo treatment would be given to the standalone film, Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Affleck is expected to return Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Clooney’s Batman would eventually be scrapped to welcome a new interpretation delivered by Christopher Nolan in 2005’s Batman begins, which gave the character his grit back. But if you’ve ever wanted to see that multi-million version of Adam West’s campy TV show Batman would be like, look no further than Batman and Robin.

George Clooney is seen in the upcoming Ticket to Paradise on October 21.

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