Friday the 13th: New Line Cinema teases that a new movie is on the way

The indications that a new record in Friday the 13th franchise is finally starting to move forward, keep stacking up. Producer Roy Lee, whose name was first attached Friday the 13th back in 2018recently said he thought we would hear news about the project before the end of the year. Franchise producer Sean S. Cunningham (who directed the original film) mentioned on his Cameo page that a 13 Friday the 13th the film is “scheduled for next year”. And now the franchise’s home studio New Line Cinema has teased that a new film is on the way by sharing an Instagram post where it appears Jason Voorhees is trying to connect with them.

This looks very promising. Which is surprising, because the franchise has been plagued by various problems for a long time. It has been 13 years since the release of the previous film. A sequel to it didn’t get off the ground because the 2009 film had remake elements in it, requiring an agreement between New Line Cinema and the franchise’s former home Paramount. The studios did not want to share the profits a second time. Then New Line’s parent company Warner Bros. offered Paramount the opportunity to make so many Friday the 13th films as they could over a period of five years, in exchange for Warner Bros. come to take Interstellar from Paramount. Paramount just kept Friday the 13th in development hell for those five years and managed to make zero new films. Then came the protracted lawsuit between Cunningham and screenwriter Victor Miller over the copyright of the original Friday the 13th. Miller ended up winning the copyright in the United States.

Since Miller owns the copyright, he and Cunningham would have to come to some kind of agreement with each other before a new film could go into production (without one or the other threatening another lawsuit). Earlier this year, Cunningham said that both sides of the argument are “really dug into foxholes. They’re not going to throw any grenades, but I don’t think anyone’s going to call for peace talks. But if New Line Cinema, Roy Lee and Sean S. Cunningham now all have hope about us getting a new one Friday the 13th an agreement must be reached soon.

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