Friday Fright Nights: Watch the witchcraft horror movie The Evil Rises here!

A drunk Free movie of the day is posted on JoBlo Movies YouTube Channel every day of the week – but on Fridays things get a little funnier and a little funnier. Get your weekend off to the right start by indulging yourself Friday Fright Nights! Every Friday we take a look at a different genre film, you can watch in its entirety, for free, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embedded here.

Don’t you love it when a movie gets straight to the point? That’s certainly what this week’s Friday Fright Nights feature does. The film is writer/director Daniel Florenzano’s 2018 debut Evil rises, and as soon as it begins, a couple attending a party on the beach is already digging up an ancient, mysterious statue. And thanks to the fact that one of their friends just happened to attend a seminar about this kind of thing a few months earlier, we have all the information we need to know about the statue just a few minutes into the movie. That means we’re free to just watch as the parties decide to handle their discovery in the worst possible way… a decision that results in most of them being wiped out by the time the opening credits are done. Now that’s one way to get a movie going!

The surviving contestants are then tasked with killing sixty-six people in six days so that their new evil master can wreak some havoc. It’s a nice, simple story for a first-time writer/director to bring to the screen – and Florenzano certainly brought a unique touch to the way he tells the story. I don’t think any other filmmaker would have written this story, its characters, or its dialogue in a way that would come close to how Florenzano did.

The Evil Rises Friday Fright Nights

Evil rises has the following official synopsis:

A group of young friends discover an ancient statue that unleashes an evil spirit that enslaves them to collect human blood so that the evil spirit can come back to life and rule the world. It’s up to a detective, a priest and a pizza boy to infiltrate the group’s sinister makeup to fend off the evil spirit from Earth before it’s too late.

The film stars Bailey La Flam, Michael Glauser and Julian De La Mora as the evil spirit’s blood-collecting servants played by Erik Cram. As the detective we have Joe Paulson, with Ed Hollingsworth as the priest and Alec Lobato as the pizza boy Chazz. Viewers can also see adult actress Angel Cassidy along the way.

Sadly, Hollingsworth passed away in 2020 at the age of 72 after racking up nine acting credits over the last few years of his life. If you want to seek out Hollingsworth’s other screen performances, you can find him playing Dr. James O’Hara in an episode of The Golden Age: Heroes of Mena butler i Daydream HotelTravis Bentley in the crime thriller Carbonan elderly father in the short film A son never forgetsAlbert in the TV program Promised Landa lieutenant in the short film The day I woke upand Vagabond #3 in a TV movie called Kid Fix.

So check it out Evil rises – after all, it’s free! Check out the late Ed Hollingsworth’s performance in this goofy horror film – which remains Florenzano’s only feature film at this point, but IMDb promises us another Florenzano horror flick called Betray on the way. So share your thoughts on the movie by leaving a comment below or over on YouTube.

The Evil Rises Friday Fright Nights

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