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Every Halloween season opens up thousands of different kinds of haunted house attractions across the United States… and yet we still have very few great horror movies set in haunted house attractions. So here’s a suggestion-slash-call that goes out to any aspiring filmmaker: If you have access to a haunted attraction, make a movie there! Writer/director Jon Binkowski did then, and the result was this week’s Friday Fright Night feature, the slasher called Scare zone.

Scare zone was filmed at a maze that had been built for the Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Orlando Resort. Halloween came and went, but the owners wanted to keep the maze intact so they could show it off at a theme park convention in late November, so it just had to sit empty for a few weeks. And that’s when Binkowski came in. He had always been nervous walking through haunted house attractions, and not just because of the haunted actors that jumped out at him every time. He was uneasy because he always had the thought in the back of his mind, wondering what if there really was an axe-wielding killer hiding among the haunt’s staff, ready to strike down the paying patrons. So he put that fear to the side and hurried Scare zone in production.

Scare Zone by Michaela Stamm

Synopsis for Scare zone is short and simple:

A crazed killer unleashes gory horror at a haunted house attraction.

That’s pretty much all there is, but Binkowski tried to give some of the characters depth and spent some time developing a friendship between a haunted employee and his troubled colleague. These characters are played by Arian Waring Ash and Chris Burns, who were joined by Simon Needham, Neil Brown Jr., Michaela Stamm, Michele Feren, Jordan Woods-Robinson, Patty Bender, Justin Bowen, Amber Freeman, Jillian Kinsman, Peyton Lee, Jesse Malinowski, Pat McCahon, Jim H. Miranda, Emily Onimus, Juan Santos, Howard Winn, and Leigh Anne Wolfe.

Scare zone takes place during Halloween, of course, but this is a Halloween-set movie that has an unexpected fascination with Christmas… and it even feels a little like those Christmas romance movies that fill the airwaves every year. It has a similar look and feel, and even some of the same over-the-top comic acting you often find in a Christmas romance. Binkowski certainly took a unique approach to this slasher film.

So check it out Scare zone – after all, it’s free! Take a look at what Binkowski was able to do while having access to a haunted house attraction, and if you’re an aspiring filmmaker who also has access to such a place, start imagining what you could do there.

Scare Zone Friday Fright Nights

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