Free movie of the day: English-language horror film Resonance, made in the Netherlands

On it JoBlo Movies YouTube Channel, we will post a full movie every day of the week, giving viewers the opportunity to watch them absolutely free. That Free movie of the day we have for you today happens to be a Dutch production, but if you’re an English speaker unwilling to read subtitles or watch dubbed movies, you can join this one too. The actors speak English to each other. Both. There are only two actors in this 2018 horror film Resonance. You can watch it on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Writer/director Siar Sedig’s feature debut, Resonance has the following synopsis:

A young couple, Max and Elena, who go on a small field trip together, come across strange sounds echoing deep in the forest. These resonant sounds, in addition to negative psychological effects, also have serious physical effects on both of them. When Elena begins to bleed internally, she desperately needs a doctor. With the noise blocking all electronic signals, Max realizes there is no way out but to head straight through the woods in search of help, but something won’t let them leave…

The two actors are Max Croes and Nastassia Firestone (aka Nastassia Vuursteen.)

Though Resonance is the only feature film Sedig has made, he has several short film credits to his name dating back to 2010.

So take a look Resonance– it is free! – so let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

The films that have previously been referred to as Free Film of the Day can be found at THIS LINKand also on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel.

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