Fraiser: Anders Keith and Jess Salgueiro join the Paramount+ sequel series

Paramount+’s Fraser sequel series welcomes Anders Keith and Jess Salgueiro as David Crane and Eve, respectively.

That Phrases sequel series coming Paramount+, and some fresh faces will be along for the ride. Newcomer Anders Keith plays Niles and Daphne’s son, David Crane. Meanwhile, Jess Salgueiro (The extension, The boys) plays Eve, a lead opposite Kelsey Grammer and Jack Cutmore-Scott. Grammer reprises his role as Dr. Fraiser Winslow Crane, while Cutmore-Scott plays Fraiser and Lilith’s son, Freddy.

That Phrases the sequel series comes from Chris Harris and Joe Cristalli, with Grammer producing. That Phrases Revival finds Fraiser (Grammer) in a different city with new challenges to overcome, new relationships to explore and dreams to fulfill. According to the character description, David (Keith) is an awkward college freshman with a knack for outside observation. As Fraiser’s nephew, David has Niles’ intelligence, Daphne’s smile and countless challenges ahead of him. Stumbling through life as the sequel series begins, David needs Fraiser’s help navigating uncertainty. David was introduced in the series finale by Phrases. His name is a tribute to Phrases co-creator David Angell, who died in the September 11 attacks in New York City.

David Hyde Pierce, who plays Niles Crane in the original series, threw a wrench into the revival’s plot by not returning. However, Grammer and his team saw Pierce’s decision as an opportunity to rework the script and welcome David into the fold. “In a very funny way, it just took us to a new place, which is at least what we originally wanted to do, which was a Phrases third act,” Grammer told People In November. “It’s a whole new life for him.”

As for Salgueiro, she will play Eve, an unpredictable spitfire bursting with potential and radical ideas. She is Freddy’s roommate and acts as a bridge between Fraiser and Freddy, who are trying to reconcile.

Looking forward to Paramount+’s Phrases sequel series? Were you a fan of the original? Will Fraiser succeed like Peacock’s Night Court revival, or has it been too long since Fraiser reigned supreme? Many Kelsey Grammer fans are out there, and the world could always use more adorable observations and intelligent characters. Let’s do it!

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