Flux Gourmet Movie Review and Movie Summary (2022)

The trio of artists is led by the self-absorbed and uncompromising Elle di Elle (Fatma Mohamed). Together with his partners Billy (Asa Butterfield) and Lamina (Ariane Labed), Elle puts on provocative, performance artwork for a fawn crowd. For a while, she has the wither on the floor naked, covered in a viscous red liquid, pretending to be a pig being slaughtered by constantly popping herself in the forehead with a microphone, while Billy and Lamina make grunting noises in the background.

Unwavering and stubborn, Elle hits the head of everyone she comes in contact with. Throughout the film, she is locked in a will fight with Jan Stevens (Gwendoline Christie), the extravagantly dressed director of the institute. When Stevens proposes to lower the volume of the flanger pedal during the aforementioned pig performance, Elle flatly refuses – even though she had no idea what a flanger is until Stevens picked it up.

All of this is happening while the Stones are quietly going through some health issues. With an ugly stench coming from his mouth and acid reflux roaring in his digestive system, he is in a constant state of discomfort. He spends his days and nights trying not to break the wind in a noisy, smelly way.

Yes, “Flux Gourmet” is a strange one. “Flux Gourmet” is distributed by IFC Midnight (also the part of IFC Films that specializes in genre films and everything else WTF), as a kind of sick horror show. But much of what happens, no matter how confused and / or confusing it gets, is played for satirical laughs.

Author / instructor Peter Strickland (“The Duke of Burgundy“”I Stof”) It seems to have a bad time sending both so-called artists up and the people who enable them. (He also really pushes on the concept of sonic catering, something he has been doing with his band for years.) No matter how shocking or sticky Elle’s performance may be, the audience is there to give her love – literally. Shows usually end with her and her bandmates having an intense orgy with the audience. (Stones is on the sidelines, sitting in a chair and taking notes.)

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