#FLOAT: XYZ Films buys slasher directed by Black Christmas producer

After spending two years as Senior Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at Blumhouse Productions and producing films such as Land gold, Revenge, The Voyeursand the poorly received 2019 version of Black Christmas, Zac Locke has now made his acting and directorial debut with the supernatural slasher #FLOWand Deadline reports that XYZ Films has acquired the North American distribution rights to the film. They plan to release it December 8Th.

#FLOW follows young, beautiful and vivacious vlogger Kali and her friends head to the river for their annual lazy river float, the first since their friend Chuy overdosed and drowned a year earlier. But their party suddenly takes a dark turn when a mysterious force throws them into a life-and-death struggle that forces them to face their own fears as they turn on each other – and continue to die one by one.

The film stars Scarlett Sperduto (Those who walk away), Kaya Coleman (Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders), Grant Morningstar (Meathook), and Christina Nguyen (Lion), with newcomer Kate Mayhew as Kali.

Locke produced #FLOW with Mikey Bill Taylor, Jensine Carr, Rebecca Rufer and Justin Anderson. Matt Wise and Robert Rippberger serve as executive producers.

XYZ Films’ James Emanuel Shapiro had this to say about the distribution deal: “Very few people know the horror genre and what makes horror work more than Zac Locke does; so when he told me he was directing his first film, I had to work on it. I was thrilled that the movie came out as well as I expected and I can’t wait for it #FLOW to be celebrated as one of the best horror debuts of 2022.

Locke made the following statement:This movie was so much fun to make and I think it will be just as much fun for audiences to watch. Having worked with both James and XYZ Films in many capacities over the years, I am thrilled to have the perfect distribution partner to release this project to the world.

I’m a fan of slasher movies (and of Creep show 2 segment The fleetwhich the title and setting of this film brought to mind), so I’m looking forward to seeing how #FLOW has shown. do #FLOW Does that sound interesting to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here is a picture from the film:

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