Mark Wahlberg’s Father Stu returns to theaters in December with a new PG-13 cut

Mark Wahlberg’s Father Stu is heading back to cinemas next month, and this time it will be without all the naughty words. The original carving of Father Stu was released back in April with an R rating for “language throughout,” but Sony Pictures is re-releasing the film on December 9 with a PG-13 edit.

With a new title – Father Stu: Reborn — the recut film is now rated PG-13 for “language, an accident scene, sexual references, some violence and smoking.” Based on a true story, Father Stu follows the life of Stuart Long, a boxer turned priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption. Written and directed by Rosalind Ross, Father Stu starred Mark Wahlberg as the title character alongside Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver and Teresa Ruiz.

In addition to participating Father StuMark Wahlberg also invested “millions and millions” of his own money into the film. The actor had shopped the film around to a number of different producers but felt that none of them got it. “They didn’t see the heart and the emotion and ultimately how inspiring it is,” Wahlberg told People. “So I felt that Mel had done it with The passion, maybe I will try it. And if I found someone to finance, then it’s a whole different conversation because typically the person cutting the check also has notes and wants to be involved in the process,” Wahlberg said. “So I felt, you know what, I think it’s better if I just go up and have complete control… I’m always willing to bet on myself.

In his review of Father Stuour own Chris Bumbray thought the film might be “far too violent for a more conservative Christian audience,“with both Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg probably setting”a career record in terms of dropped F-bombs.” With the new PG-13 cut of Father Stu, perhaps Wahlberg will attract some of the audiences who were put off by the film’s R rating. You can check out the rest of Chris Bumbray’s review of Father Stu right here.

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