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The remake of ‘Father Of The Bride’ breaks viewing record on HBO Max

A new remake of the brides father is published on HBO Max, and it gives some serious numbers. The romantic comedy, directed by Gaz Alazraki, made its debut on June 16th. Since then, it has quickly become the most watched new release ever on HBO Max for a film that debuted exclusively on the service.

Not only that, but it’s one of the ten most watched titles in Mexico according to Deadline. (The fact that it was released around Father’s Day weekend probably did the film a lot of good, too.)

The film follows Andy Garcia as Billy and Gloria Estefan as Ingrid, a husband-and-wife duo of Cuban-Americans. Ingrid gets tired of Billy prioritizing his work life more than their relationship. Ingrid tells Billy that she wants a divorce, but promises that they can keep it a secret until Sofia, their daughter, has her wedding.

This version of The father of the bride may seem to most to be the first remake of the 1991 film, and while that’s technically true, the story is older than it seems. The film from 1991 with the main role Steve Martin and Diane Keaton is also a remake of a previous film, the one from 1950. And the film from 1950 is a film adaptation of a novel. So remakes are obviously not a post-2010 phenomenon.

The film was originally set for production Disney +, but for some reason Disney never got the movie started. Instead, it was picked up by HBO Max, where it is currently being streamed.

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