Famke Janssen discusses media pressure after GoldenEye

Famke Janssen, who played Bond girl Xenia Onatopp in the 1995s Golden Eyehas opened up about the negative effects the role has played in terms of her place in the media.

“The Bond film dictated a lot of my relationship with the press… after Golden Eye I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves.” Famke Janssen told The independent. “It was just an onslaught of attention, good and bad and everything in between. I realize every actor in the world thinks they can control the press, but in the end the press always wins. I decided I’d rather being less famous and doing things on my terms … Fame has a price and it wasn’t one I was willing to pay.”

Famke Janssen continued to feel sloppy as a pretty face with thighs that just won’t quit. Considering Golden Eye was her breakout role and she could go anywhere with it, it was a brave decision to take a different path with her career. She worked consistently and appeared in films like Rounder, The faculty and House on Haunted Hillbefore joining another franchise: the X butplayer Jean Grey/Phoenix four times (five if you count her Days of Future Past cameo).

And it was all the Dutch actress’s planning. She didn’t feel compelled to be tabloid fodder all the time or give the press exactly what they wanted, despite how easily it all could have come. Instead, Famke Janssen ditched the big money and spotlight that could come with playing a Bond girl – as with Jane Seymour (Live and let die) and Kim Basinger (Never say never again–we’re counting this, right?!)–for more control over her career. Talk about enjoying a good squeeze.

In the same interview, Famke Janssen said, “I sometimes feel incredibly misunderstood. It’s the dichotomy between the way I look and what’s going on inside…But that comes with being in a Bond movie and playing this crazy assassin.”

Famke Janssen will star in the Sam Raimi-produced The boy is killing the worldwhich probably sounds like one Tape movie title for us!

What do you think? Has Famke Janssen made the right choices throughout her career? Let us know in the comments below!

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