Elvis & Top Gun: Maverick in a close race for number one at the box office by Friday’s estimates

It will be a very close call at the box office if the Friday estimates are any indication. Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick is practically neck and neck, and Saturday will decide who wins this very close race for number one.

Elvis Earned an estimated $ 12.7 million on Friday compared to the $ 8.25 million Top Gun: Maverick. The reason the number one spot will be very close is that Top Gun: Maverick’s the business tends to rise on saturday and we have to look about Elvis was preloaded Friday based on an early rush. Deadline calls it $ 31.5 million Elvis and $ 30 million for Top Gun: Maverick, but it could all turn around by Sunday. Elvis also got an “A-” CinemaScore, which is promising word of mouth going forward.

In other news from Friday’s box office, The black phone overperformance based on estimates. The critically acclaimed horror film from director Scott Derrickson earned $ 10.2 million, which currently looks like an opening weekend of $ 23.2 million. The film got a “B +” CinemaScore, which is very good for thrillers as they tend to land in the “C” range.

The only movie that makes it look like we do not want 5 movies to make $ 20 million + this weekend is Light year. Friday’s figure comes in at $ 5.4 million, which could mean another weekend of $ 17-19 million. That would mean a massive drop of 64% from last weekend, but let’s wait and see what it’s going to look like. Family movies also tend to rise on Saturday, so that’s possible Light year recovers.

Come back tomorrow to see the entire box office!

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