Dylan O’Brien was not okay with the Nightwing casting rumors

Casting rumors have been known to catch fire and take on a life of their own on social media, and actor Dylan O’Brien has found himself at the center of those rumors. The actor was the subject of constant rumors that he was a contender for the role of DC’s Nightwing earlier in his career. The rumors hit a fever pitch again earlier this year, leading the actor to confirm his stance on the superhero genre. He gets the appeal of the movies, but he’d rather keep a lower profile and pursue projects he’s more passionate about. While promoting his latest film, Not okaywhich explores how crazy social media can be when facts aren’t checked, O’Brien states that he wasn’t okay with the Nightwing rumors spreading without any credible sources to back them up.

During an interview with Screen RantO’Brien explained why the Nightwing rumors bothered him, linking his new film, Not okay. Written and directed by Quinn Shepard, the dark comedy follows a photo editor played by Zoey Deutch who invents a big social media lie that starts to spiral out of control. O’Brien takes on the supporting role of Colin in the film, and it becomes pretty clear why the premise appealed to the actor. He’s no stranger to online speculation getting out of hand, and that’s exactly what happened with the Nightwing rumors:

“No, no, never, never [any truth to the Nightwing rumors]. I am glad that time has passed and people can see that I was telling the truth. There was so much doubt and speculation and theories and everything just from, I don’t even know who originally put… I think they just post s—t. They have no source. It doesn’t come from nothing. It’s actually crazy to see it catch fire. It’s not really fair, is it? it is [like the message of Not Okay]. Yes. I mean, it was like an account that has a following. It’s a bit of a credible source and they’re just making it up. It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

It’s clear that fans sparked these casting rumors because the actor has been quite vocal, at least since 2014 in multiple interviews, that the superhero genre isn’t for him. It’s not a career he wants for himself, and that’s something that needs to be respected. It would be easy for someone like him to go that route, mainly because he has built-in popularity due to his time on Teen Wolf and with The Maze Runner franchise. He would rather take on passion projects than chase box office success, but that doesn’t stop these rumours. Not too long ago, he was linked with another superhero role. As Ezra Miller began to go off the rails, a rumor circulated on Twitter that Dylan O’Brien was in line to replace Miller as The Flash after the film’s release next year. There was no truth to the rumor, but it spread pretty quickly. That’s how it is when rumors come out and disappear.

Do YOU ​​think Dylan O’Brien would be good in the superhero genre?

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