Drew Barrymore on Andrew Garfield’s celibacy: “Yeah, so?”

Many actors make sacrifices to try to improve their performance. This could be staying in character even when not filming or losing/gaining an abnormal amount of weight. Andrew Garfield went a different route when he played a Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s 2016 Passion Project Silence: no sex and little food, something Drew Barrymore can’t quite understand.

On her talk show The Drew Barrymore ShowBarrymore made a little fun by Andrew Garfield’s approach, which gives a “Yeah, so?” Then she took a stab at herself and said: “I abstain from sex, I mean I did throughout my 20s, right? … What is wrong with me that six months doesn’t seem like a long time?” The main difference here may be that Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man and thus has a large female following.

Andrew Garfield has previously elaborated on his celibacy, saying about Marc Marons WTF podcast, “It was pretty cool, man. I had some pretty wild, sad experiences starving myself of sex and food at the time.” Yes, that sounds wild and sad, Andrew!

However, Drew Barrymore totally understands the idea of ​​getting into character — and even staying there. “I’m definitely on certain projects like when I did it Gray Gardenthis movie I did where I played the beloved real-life woman Edie Beale, I was so nervous that I didn’t really talk to everyone on set, I just stayed in character.

Drew Barrymore does her own abstinence – from movies. She has most of it stepped away from the big screen and hasn’t appeared in a movie since the 2020s Stand In– and before that it was the 2015s Miss you already. Her television output included the well-received Santa Clarita Diet, which found her playing a real estate agent who develops a taste for human flesh. Now to we could refrain from.

What do you think of Andrew Garfield’s vow of celibacy? Silence? Does Drew Barrymore have a point?

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