Don’t Worry, Darling: Dolby Cinema poster for Olivia Wilde thriller with Florence Pugh, Harry Styles

Manager Olivia Wildes psychological thriller Don’t worry, honey gets a theatrical release on 23 Septemberrd, and with just over a week until the film hits the big screen, a new poster has been revealed. This one was designed exclusively for Dolby Cinemas and you can check it out at the bottom of this article.

Written by Carey and Shane Van Dyke, with rewrites by Wilde and Katie Silberman, Don’t worry, honey takes place “in an isolated, utopian society in the California desert of the 1950s”. It’s about what happens when “a 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental society begins to worry that his glamorous company may be hiding disturbing secrets.”

Here’s the long official synopsis:

Alice and Jack are fortunate to live in the idealized community of Victory, the experimental corporate town that houses the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families. The 1950s societal optimism espoused by their CEO, Frank – equal parts company visionary and motivational life coach – anchors every aspect of daily life in the dense desert utopia.

While the husbands spend each day inside the Victory Project headquarters working on “the development of progressive materials,” their wives—including Frank’s elegant partner, Shelley—can spend their time enjoying the beauty, luxury, and debauchery of their community. Life is perfect, with every resident’s needs met by the company. All they ask in return is discretion and unquestioning commitment to the cause of victory.

But as cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, revealing glimpses of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive facade, Alice can’t help but question exactly what they’re doing in Victory and why. How much is Alice willing to lose to reveal what’s really going on in this paradise?

Florence Pugh plays Alice, med Harry Styles like her handsome husband Jack, who happens to be hiding a dark secret from her. These characters are shown on the Dolby poster for Don’t worry, honey.

Chris Pine plays Frank, “the revered head of a mysterious workplace where all the men work just outside the city”. Gemma Chan is Frank’s elegant partner Shelley. KiKi Layne and Nick Kroll are also in the cast, and Wilde reserved a “key supporting role” for herself. Pine has described the story as “so compelling and so funny and so dark and twisted.”

Wilde and Silberman produced Don’t worry, honey with Roy Lee and Miri Yoon from Vertigo Entertainment. Catherine Hardwicke executive produced with Van Dykes. Richard Brener, Daria Cercek and Celia Khong oversaw the project for New Line Cinema.

I have been curious about Don’t worry, honey ever since it was first announced so I’m looking forward to seeing it soon. Are you interested in this movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Here’s the Dolby Cinemas poster:

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