Doctor Death: Full Moon shows some footage from the new Puppet Master spin-off

Last week, Full moon founder Charles Band unveiled some footage from the long-awaited sequel Subspecies V: Blood increase in a section of The Full Moon Universea weekly video series where Band gives fans updates on what his company is up to. On this week’s episode of The Full Moon UniverseBand has shared some recordings from puppeteer spin off Doctor Death – and you can check it out in the video embedded at the bottom of this article! That Doctor Death footage can be found about two and a half minutes into the video.

Arrow in the Head got the exclusive first look at a batch of Doctor Death pictures last month and you can see them HERE.

Back in 2020, Full Moon brought us the first “solo puppet” puppeteer spin off, Blade: The Iron Cross. Doctor Death was announced shortly after its release, and at the time Blade: The Iron Cross director John Lechago was expected to return to the helm. When filming began, Dave Parker was in the director’s chair. Parker’s previous directing credits include The dead hate the living! and The Hills Run Redplus a section of the anthology Tales of Halloween.

One more synopsis Doctor Death was set to air in 2020, but Parker has said it’s “completely wrong” and not accurate to the film he made. Since a new synopsis isn’t yet available, here’s the outdated one: “Doctor Death, one of the original “living puppets,” is BACK, complete with sinister surgeries and deadly drugs. In this stand-alone shocker, a beautiful young medical student is trapped in an erotic nightmare and must face the demon that inhabits the evil doll. Fantasy and reality bleed together in this spooky PUPPET MASTER chiller.” We’ll have to wait and see how different the story of the finished film is.

Are you a fan of puppeteer franchise and are you looking forward to this spin-off? What do you think about Doctor Death recordings? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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