‘Andor’ will make you rethink ‘Rogue One’, says Diego Luna

The long awaited one Disney+ show Andor is finally ready to premiere, and its star, Diego Lunasays that it will make us see the events of Rogue one in a completely new way. Overall, Rogue one was met with positive reception. It is also the 20th highest grossing ticket release of all time. That said, it was a big departure from the rest of the series.

As soon as the audience settled down Rogue onethey probably realized that they were doing something completely different Star wars experience. There was no opening story like everyone else Star wars movies up to that point. We just fell right into the action. The film follows the team of rebels who stole the Death Star plans before the events of A new hope. Almost every major character in the film is someone we’ve never seen before.

By the end of the film, Cassian Andor has been killed as quickly as he was introduced, apparently gone from Star wars the universe forever. Andor will change that. It takes place in the years leading up to the events of Rogue one; the show has also already been renewed for a second season, which will lead directly into the events of Rogue one.

Diego Luna, the actor who portrays Cassian Andor, spoke recently with The Hollywood Reporterand reveals a bit more about his approach to the character, and what Andor means to him. One of the big questions that was asked was about Tony Gilroyits approach to Star wars, and how it serves the franchise by lending itself to unique stories. In response, Luna said:

You never approach a story like this where you know what the ending is and the creative team doesn’t have to deliver an ending that you don’t expect. We don’t have to think about that. In fact, we will challenge every idea you have or every answer you came up with as to why or how things happened and why this character did what he did. Why was he willing to sacrifice everything for the cause? …What did he mean when he said, ‘I have done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion?’ So that’s what we’re going to challenge because everyone who saw Rogue One thinks they have the answer. We want to challenge that.

“With Rogue one, we were asked to be different,” Luna added. “We were independent. We were different Star wars story that had a beginning and an end. And now we have one Star wars series that is an independent again, with a beginning and an end. And it’s meant to be different. It’s meant to be its own thing.”

Andor premieres on Disney+ on September 21.

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