Die Hard (1988) vs Lethal Weapon (1987) – Face Off

Let’s fix this debate once and for all; despite what some say, the 1988s Die hard is definitely a Christmas movie. It may be the greatest Christmas movie of all time, although there are more contenders for the throne than you might think. One of the other most influential action films of the eighties, Deadly weapon, which came out a year before Die Hard in 1987, is a damn good Christmas movie in its own right. Like Die hardnobody thought of it as a Christmas movie when it first came out. Die hard was a summer movie in the meantime Deadly weapon came out in March. Still, over the years it became a Christmas favorite, and it actually has some rich Christmas themes, such as the importance of family, new chances, redemption, and more.

Of course, both movies also happen to be among the best action movies of their respective eras, so in this installment of the JoBlo Face-Off we try to decide which movie is the best, but it’s a really tough movie. There’s a reason both franchises are still instantly recognizable three decades later, with Lethal Weapon 5 seemingly closer to being a reality than ever!

JoBlo Face Off is produced by Matthew Hacunda, written by Bryan Wolford, edited by Ric Solomon and narrated by Dave Davis. Watch past episodes below and let us know in the comments which movie you prefer – Lethal Arms or Die hard!

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