Dead Zone trailer: Michael Jai White, Chad Michael Collins horror action movie is on Tubi

Horror action movie Death zonestarring Michael Jai White (Black dynamite) and Chad Michael Collins (the Sniper franchise), is now available to watch Tube streaming service. To help you decide if this is a movie you want to see, we have the trailer for it Death zone embedded at the top of this article.

Directed by Hank Braxton (Snake Outta Compton) from a screenplay by Jeffrey Giles, Tim Ogletree, Michael Klug and Michael Lurie, Death zone has the following synopsis:

To stop the collapse of humanity, an elite team of soldiers must descend on a radiation-poisoned city and carry out the ultimate stealth mission using high-tech armor and weapons.

White and Collins are joined by the great Jeff Fahey (Body parts). The film’s IMDb page also lists co-star Tarkan Dospil (4 minutes), Whitney Nielsen (Alien Expedition), Antoine Torbert (Young rock), and J. Michael Weiss (Sensei), with James Markham Hall Jr. (Death in the head) as being.

Screenwriters Giles and Lurie produced Death zone with Arielle Brachfeld and Tarkan Dospil.

In addition to Snake Outta ComptonBraxtan has directed the films Blood Effects, Chemical Peels, Unnatural, Dragon Soldiers, and Jurassic Hunt. He also directed the 2007 fan film Return of the Ghostbusters… And while I can’t say I’ve seen any of his movies so far, some of them have very interesting titles.

Let us know what you thought of the trailer Death zone by leaving a comment below. Want to watch this movie on Tubi? I’m a fan of White, Collins, and Fahey individually, so I’m definitely going to see this horror action movie that puts them all together to face a terrifying threat.

Here’s some promotional art for you to check out as you scroll down:

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