Warner Bros. Still looking for Executive to lead DC movies

Just a few weeks ago it seemed like Warner Bros. had finally found his answer to Marvel’s Kevin Feige: The person who would oversee and guide its sprawling multiverse of DC movies and series. The guy who was in line for the role was, according to media reports Dan Linthe producer of films like The LEGO Batman Movie and and Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes.

But now, just a few weeks later, Variety reports that talks between Warner Bros. Discovery and Lin have broken up, and he is “no longer in contention” to be the point man at DC Films.

According to their report, a major problem was that Lin already runs his own production company, which he wanted Warner Bros. Discovery to bring under their corporate umbrella:

One issue in the negotiations was Lin’s desire for WBD to acquire a stake in his production company, Rideback, which would have continued if Lin had taken on the DC role. However, terms could not be reached and Lin and WBD agreed to part ways.

Variety‘s article mentions no other names of potential candidates to lead Warner Bros.’ DC movies and shows, meaning the position could be unfilled for many months to come. While there are plenty of other executives at Warner Bros. Discovery to keep things moving in the meantime, that means there could be even more upheaval if and when WBD hires someone to be their Feige. This person will no doubt want to put their own stamp on DC’s upcoming slate, potentially leading to further cancellations or creative changes, as we saw in recent months when Warners canceled their planned Batgirl movies and other HBO Max projects like Strange Adventures and Batman: Caped Crusader.

Meanwhile, DC’s next film, Black Adamis slated to open in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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