‘Curb Your Enthusiasm shot a Larry’s death scene

Larry David was almost dead. Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty prettyyyyyyy dead.

That’s the surprising insight into the previous season of the series, which was delivered by Fight your enthusiasm showrunner Jeff Schaffer. In a new interview, Schaffer revealed that there was a very good chance that season 11 could have been the show’s last. And if that was the case… Larry would be dead.

That’s one way to end a comedy show!

Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter they “shot as if [Season 11] would be the last one ever” to be prepared for the real possibility that David would decide not to do any more episodes. (Curbstone has now been on the air for over 22 years and produced 110 shows.) After a season built around Larry trying to get out of building a fence around his pool after a burglar drowned in it, the end of the show – and fictional Larry’s for life! – would have seen him fall into an unfenced pool and then drown too.

Here’s more from Schaffer:

I know I say this all the time, but every season is the last season. And I would prepare as if it were the last. So Larry kept falling into that pool without the fence and hitting his head [for the scene]. We actually have a shot after he had fallen in, of the still pool with just the envelope floating in the middle, and maybe add a bubble.

While the show was all set for a super dark (but also hilariously appropriate) finale if Larry had decided he was ready to end things, he ultimately decided, according to Schaffer, “I’m not ready to die.” And so fictional Larry was spared his poetic fate

HBO has already renewed Fight your enthusiasm for a 12th season. Who knows how the show will ultimately end, but it will be hard to top that drowning idea. It truly feels like the ultimate Curbstone way for Larry to go.

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