‘Creed’ is getting a ‘Drago’ spinoff movie

I have to tell you this: Drago from Rocky and Creed franchise is getting its own spinoff.

Rumors of such a project have surfaced in recent years after Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren, made a well-received return in 2018’s Creed II. Now there are reports that the project is moving forward with a new writer being assigned the script.

According to TheWraphas Robert Lawton been hired to write one Drago movie. Interestingly, Lawton recently wrote a spec script called Becoming Rockya biopic about the young Sylvester Stallone and his attempt to recreate the original Rocky movie. The script apparently impressed the executives at MGM enough to commission him to write this spinoff.

They have no details about the plot, but i Creed II an older Ivan Drago appears as a trainer for his son Viktor, played by Florian Munteanu. The elder Drago killed Adonis Creed’s father, Apollo, in what was supposed to be a friendly match Rocky IV. So their sons faced off in the sequel as a means to the younger creed avenging his father’s death.

While Rocky IV depicted Ivan Drago as a simplistic killing machine, Creed II showed a more human side to the character, who lost all of his status in Russia after the loss to Rocky, and who loves his son dearly, even as he pushes him through extreme training to ensure he becomes the best fighter possible. Presumably, a sequel — if it’s a sequel and not some kind of prequel about a young Drago — would continue that father-son dynamic and the rethinking of Drago as a more complex guy.

Meanwhile, the Drago-less Creed III is slated to open in theaters on November 23, 2022. Creed’s new adversary in that film will be played by Jonathan Majors.

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