‘Constantine 2’ is finally happening

Long time ago DC comics had its own cinematic universe – or Marvel had one, for that matter – Keanu Reeves participated Constantine, based on the DC and Vertigo comics magical superhero. The film wasn’t really a hit with critics — it has a 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes — or with audiences (it grossed a mediocre $230 million worldwide against a reported $100 million budget).

But then something strange happened. People fell in love with Constantine. Over the years, the film became a cult hit and one of Keanu’s most popular films. (At least among people on the Internet who like to talk about Keanu Reeves movies, which is a niche group, I admit.) When asked which of his movies he would like to return to, he mentioned he often Constantine – and even revealed last December that he had actually tried to get a sequel off the ground, but that Warner Bros. wouldn’t go for it.

Well, they finally went for it. Deadline says that Warner Bros. going to “develop” one Constantine sequel starring Keanu Reeves, with the original film’s director and writer Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman both involved as director and writer again.

It’s a very surprising turn of events, especially since just a few months ago Keanu was moving on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert over the fact that he couldn’t make the film happen. Remember folks: Never underestimate the power of looking sad on the national airwaves.

No word on when we might see Constantine II, but apparently — 17 years after the original film came and went — it’s now in the works. What a world.

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