Community: Dan Harmon says Donald Glover is “down to clown” for the film

“Six seasons and a movie” was the joke. “Six seasons and a movie” is now reality. NBC sitcom Community was shuffled around a bit before getting the ax from the network and being picked up to be streamed on Yahoo! of all places, but now the prophecy of a film version will finally make its debut on the Peacock. The last season had been without Chevy Chase due to a whole slew of behind-the-scenes drama, but Donald Glover would be someone who would really take off in his career midway through the show’s run.

Dan Harmon, the series creator, had appeared at a function called the Business Managers Breakfast presented by City National Bank, where he spoke about the development of film adaptation and addressed Glover’s involvement.

According to VarietyHarmon said,

For lack of a better word, a ball was fumbled… [Glover] is down on clown. Man, I didn’t want to think about making [the movie] without Anders.”

As news hit that Peacock would be premiering a film of Community, the fan base was ecstatic. But since Glover had become a hot commodity after his FX comedy, Atlantaand a rap career as Childish Gambino, it was not yet known if he would be available or interested in returning.

Harmon would go on to reveal that the choice of the film’s home came down to Peacock and Amazon Prime. Since the show originally premiered on NBC, it’s natural to think that the Peacock is the best place to go. However, it was Peacock’s willingness to passionately market the film that won him over. Harmon explains, “Is it smart as a creative to go with the place you think is more solvent? That’s not how a creative should think, you have to go with your passion and in the end that’s what we did. We can’t control the marketplace . We can’t control Peacock’s future, so we should ignore it, pretend all things are equal, and go with what makes emotional sense.”

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