A new ‘Cloverfield’ movie is in development

Any list of the most effective marketing campaigns in film history—not necessarily the films themselves, but the ads and trailers specifically—must include Cloverfieldwhich seemingly came out of nowhere in the summer of 2007, when a trailer that didn’t even include the film’s title played before the first Transformers. That set off a frantic search for information about the mystery project, which ended up being a found footage horror film about a Godzilla-type monster rampaging through New York City, seen through the eyes and camera of a group of friends trying to survive the creature’s attack.

The unique approach worked like a charm and the film became one of 2008’s biggest surprise hits and then spawned two more surprise sequels: 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane and the 2018s The Cloverfield Paradox. While 10 Cloverfield garnering strong reviews and solid numbers at the box office, Paradox was a bit of a critical flop, and was actually sold from Paramount to Netflix, who released it directly to its streaming service. That seemed to spell the end for the franchise, but now it looks like Paramount is trying to revive it again.

Deadline reports that the studio has placed a fourth Cloverfield film in development. This one will be directed by Babak Anvari from a script by Joe Barton. JJ Abrams is again involved as a producer through his Bad Robot company, which has been behind all of them Cloverfields to date. Deadline says “as with any Cloverfield image, plot details are kept under wraps. It is also unknown how this new installment will link to its predecessors, whether its a direct sequel to the original or an anthology piece set in Cloverfield universe.”

It’s not much to go for, but if you love mysterious sci-fi projects with big The Twilight Zone-y twists, I think this is good news.

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