‘Clerks III’ is completely different from its original script

The edition of Clerks III we actually end up with is radically different than Kevin Smithoriginal vision. It turns out that when he first wrote the film, it was supposed to take place from basically the same starting point as 2019’s Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. That version of Clerks III would begin with Randal and Dante in jail (after Jay and Bob were arrested for selling drugs from what used to be the video store next to QuickStop) just as Hurricane Sandy arrived in the New York region.

They left the prison only to realize that the Quick-Stop had been destroyed in a flood. The film would see people create a fake town in the parking lot of a movie theater, complete with a dilapidated shanty version of Quick-Stop. The whole movie was apparently about “dealing with grief.”

Of course, that would plot is rather far-fetched and doesn’t really seem like much of one Clerks movie. Smith struggled for a while to work out a plot that would fit in better Clerks franchise when he had a near-fatal heart attack. He decided it was a good backbone for the film and got back to work.

Kevin Smith too talked to The Hollywood Reporter, where he detailed a bit more about the decision to switch up the script. He said:

It felt like Clerks III was supposed to be at the Quick Stop where it all began. It was able to feed everything else, and once I gave Randal my heart attack, it was like, yeah, we’re going to give him the movie, too. Then we were off to the races.

Clerks III will first premiere in New Jersey on September 4th and get a wider release on September 13th.

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