Child’s Play vs Child’s Play 2: Face-Off

Over 30 years ago, horror fans were introduced to cinema’s most notorious, beloved and hilarious slasher – CHUCKY. Although he has been very successful on the silver screen and the small screen, we go all the way back to where it all started. Don Mancini’s original scary Child’s playdirected by Tom Holland (no relation to the friendly neighborhood), paved the way for the killer Chucky doll to become the formidable horror icon he is today. Child’s play 2 (directed by John Lafia with screenplay by Don Mancini) ups the kill count, tricks and special effects, although the terror takes more of a backseat this time. But which Chuck is the one you don’t mess with? Only one way to find out: OVERVIEW!

This episode of Face Off was written by Eric Walkuski, narrated by Shawn Knippelberg and edited by Lance Vlcek.

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