Continue: Sofia Carson and Danielle Deadwyler star alongside Taron Egerton in Netflix’s TSA thriller

Purple hearts star Sofia Carson is in line for Netflix and Amblin‘s upcoming TSA thriller continue. Jaume Collet-Serra directs from a script by TJ Fixman, with Michael Green adding a bit of polish to the final product. Danielle Deadwyler (The harder they fall) also joins the cast Taron Edgerton and Jason Bateman.

continue revolves around Ethan Kopek (Egerton), a young TSA agent who is blackmailed by a mysterious traveler into letting a dangerous package slip through security and onto a Christmas Day flight.

Carson is in high demand after crushing many roles for the Netflix musical drama Purple hearts. In addition to playing Cassie, the film’s protagonist, Carson executive produced, co-wrote and performed the film’s original soundtrack. Purple hearts shot to the top of the Netflix charts and became one of the streamer’s most-watched originals. In terms of number, Purple hearts spent 220 million hours watched in the first 28 days of release. Who says you have to be a superhero movie to mean more?

Meanwhile, Deadwyler is booking one project after another since starring as Cuffie in James Samuel’s The harder they fall. She was a big deal before she starred alongside Idris Elba, RJ Cyler and Zazie Beetz in the Netflix Western, but now she has several projects completed or in post-production. Deadwyler followed The harder they fall with Station eleven, a post-apocalyptic saga that spans multiple timelines. Deadwyler also stars as Mamie Till-Mobley in Chinonye Chukwu’s upcoming drama Add. The movie gifts a deeply emotional and cinematic retelling of the true story of Mamie Till Mobley’s relentless pursuit of justice for her 14-year-old son, Emmett Till. In 1955, Till was lynched while visiting his cousins ​​in Mississippi.

What do you think of the concept? continue? It’s pretty scary, isn’t it? Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for travel, and the idea of ​​a mysterious package slipping onto a plane isn’t a far-fetched scenario. People will do unthinkable things when given the right motivation or their loved ones are threatened. Let’s hope Ethan figures out a way to outwit the person who is putting so many people in danger.

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