Cameron Diaz retires for new Netflix movie

Cameron Diaz has not had a starring role in a film since 2014, when she appeared as Miss Hannigan in the modern remake of Annie. Then Diaz stopped working and confirmed in 2018 that she was “semi-retired” from acting, allegedly because she did not like all the travels.

Eight years later, Diaz’s half board is over, at least for a short while. Diaz returns to work on an upcoming film for Netflix with the title Back in action. Her teammate, Jamie Foxxannounced the news on Twitter by posting a phone conversation he had with Diaz, where she receives a pep talk about getting out of retirement by Tom Brady, a guy who knows a thing or two about retiring.

Diaz made her Hollywood breakthrough when she was just 21 years old, starring the female lead in the Jim Carrey comedy Masks. Three years later, she got another big role opposite Julia Roberts in My best friend’s wedding. A year later it came There’s something about Marywhich slung her into the A-list of Hollywood actresses.

11. There is Something About Mary (1998)
20th Century Fox

For the next 15 years or so, Diaz was in high demand and had hits with movies such as Charlie’s angels,, Bands in New Yorkand of course the long-lasting one Shrek franchise. She starred in ten different movies and shorts in 2012, 2013 and 2014 – and then stopped completely after Annie. Her retirement coincided with her marriage to Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden in 2015.

On her Instagram account, Diaz wrote “Jamie Foxx, only you could get me back in action !! I can not wait at all, it will be a bang!”

Although none of the stars revealed any details about the film’s plot, Back in action is instructed by Terrible bosses and Baywatch‘s Seth Gordon.

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