Alien: Cailee Spaeny in talks to fight Xenomorphs for director Fede Alvarez

It’s game over for that Cailee Spaeny (The Craft: The Legacy, Bad times at the El Royale, Pacific Rim: Uprising), while she carefully crawls around on a new one Alien film from the director Fat Alvarez. Momentum and 20th Century Studios drooling at the thought of another Alien film on its way to the screen, with Scott free produces.

Details on Alvarez’s new Alien movie remains a mystery. Still, we’ve heard that the project will put the Xenomorphs front and center as they terrorize humanity. Momentum and 20th Century Studios almost jumped out of their skins after hearing Alvarez’s pitch, and the concept joined the fast track. Alvarez’s script has already been delivered and cameras will roll in 2023. The studio is eyeing several stars for various roles, though reports suggest Spaeny is a shoo-in for the lead role after meeting with Alvarez and executives.

No details on Alvarez’s Alien movie, I wonder where the franchise will go next. Will Spain pilot a P-5000 powered work loader? Can we expect Xenomorphs to be roasted by insanely large flamethrowers? According to reports, Alvarez’s Alien project is a standalone feature intended for Hulu. The Hollywood Reporter says Alvarez made a bid for a new one Alien feature for Ridley Scott years ago. Scott remembered the idea and called Alvarez last year to ask if he was still willing to make the film. 20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell said they took on the project “purely on the strength of Fede’s pitch” and teased that it is “just a really good story with a lot of characters you haven’t seen before.”

What do you want from a new one Alien movie? Do you think Alvarez has what it takes to create another noteworthy chapter in the Alien franchise? How could he mix up the formula while still keeping hardcore fans happy? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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