Bruce Almighty almost had a satanic successor

The 2003s Bruce the Almighty was such a big hit that it got its inevitable sequel, Evan Almighty, in 2007, though without Jim Carrey. But it almost played out differently with Jim Carrey repeats his role– but instead of playing God, he would be assigned the powers of Satan.

The sequel, which would have been titled Brucifera, was something Jim Carrey was very interested in, but it didn’t go as far as intended. According to co-author Steve Koren, “We went in and pitched it, but it never quite worked out, because it was later… It would have been another blockbuster, and I don’t think they wanted to do it. It just didn’t work out somehow reason, but a lot of people loved it, including Jim.”

A key reason why it was never greenlit by the studio was that the track came in 2010, three years later Evan Almighty was a dud at the box office.

Brucifera would have had a darker tone than Bruce the Almightyalso with Jennifer Aniston’s character dying and Bruce losing his faith, something that lured Jim Carrey. “You tend to lose your faith when the world seems unfair, and that’s what got him.” said Koren. “It came from a serious place, but we wanted to write it in a very friendly way. We definitely didn’t want to depress people. So I think it’s scared [the studio] slightly.”

While the premise and tone sounds promising, a showdown between Jim Carrey’s Satan and Morgan Freeman’s God would have been an all-timer.

Jim Carrey recently said that he really has no interest in returning to play any of his popular characters. “Most of the time when you make something that really hits people, the sequels have diminishing returns. If you do it long enough after the fact, you’re imitating yourself now; you’re not using your original inspiration.”

What do you think of the idea for one Bruce the Almighty sequel with Jim Carrey taking on the attributes of Satan? Would you have seen this movie? Tell us below!

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