Box Office Shake-Up: Top Gun: Maverick soars to first place

Proving how unpredictable a weekend this was, Top Gun: Maverick has come out on top for the Labor Day four-day total with an estimated $7.9 million surpassed Black Panther to become the fifth highest gross national income of all time. Bullet train actually coming in ahead of projections with a second-place finish and $7.33 million in receipts.

This falls projected number one, Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Version down to third with a total of $6.55 over the holiday weekend.

Top Gun: Maverick closes the summer as it started: on top of that! First ended over both Memorial Day weekend and now Labor Day weekend, becoming the first film ever to do so. This is something that has become not just a movie, but a cultural event. Given the widespread love of the film, this could be the true test for the Oscars this year: can Top Gun: Maverick drive all the way to one Best picture nomination? It would definitely help steer the conversation away from other Oscar subjects!

National Cinema Day

Saturday National Cinema Day proved to be quite successful, though it didn’t boost the weekend dollars and cents, with this weekend being the lowest grosser of the summer with just $53.1 in box office sales, $200,000 less than last week’s title holder. It brought people back to the theater with over 8 million people hitting theaters on Saturday alone. To put that into perspective, last year took a record vacation Shang-Chi saw just 7.8 million viewers over the three-day weekend. Perhaps it proves that for some people the cost of going to the cinema has just become too much!

The rest of the top ten also experienced some shake-ups with the re-release of Jaws moves up two places on the list.

Below we have the updated four day totals and don’t forget to check ours vote and tell us which movie you’d love to see re-released on the big screen.

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