Bones and All: Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross discuss the score, which is now on Spotify

Suspiria replay (see it HERE) Manager Luca Guadagnino‘s horror film / cannibal love story Bones and all will receive a theatrical release on 23 Novemberrd, but you don’t have to wait until next Wednesday to hear the film’s score, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Their music can be heard on Spotify at THIS LINK.

Coinciding with the release of the score, Variety has released an interview with Reznor and Ross in which they revealed that the first cut Guadagnino showed them of Bones and All was four and a half hours long! (The theatrical cut is just over two hours with a running time of 130 minutes.) Reznor said, “We sat in here – I don’t even think we got up to pee once – we were mesmerized by how he’d taken this material and injected humanity, vulnerability and life into it, and it was breathtaking. We were in awe and felt it doesn’t even need music.

Guadagnino told Reznor and Ross that he wanted the music to be a character in itself, something that would come across the feeling of loneliness and longing. Reznor said, “There was never a focus on the horror element. It’s in there and it serves a purpose.

Ross added, “We would have long conversations with Luca about this element of welcoming interpretation. But the real heart is the romance. Luca had mentioned the idea of ​​an acoustic guitar. So we worked around establishing what that longing would be.

While the score focuses on romance rather than cannibalism, there is one dark piece of music in the film: the original song “(You Make Me Feel Like) Home” near the end. Variety notes that “(You Make Me Feel Like) Home” will be a contender for a Best Original Song nomination at the next round of awards shows.

Directed by Guadagnino from a script by him Suspiria business partner David Kajganich, Bones and all stars Timothée Chalamet (Dune) and Taylor Russell (Escape Room) in the story of

first love between Maren (Russell), a young woman learning to survive on the fringes of society, and Lee (Chalamet), an intense and disenfranchised driven, when they meet and join a thousand-mile odyssey that takes them through back roads, hidden passages and trap doors in Ronald Reagan’s America. But despite their best efforts, all roads lead back to their terrifying pasts and to a final stand that will determine whether their love can survive their differences.

The film, described as a “coming-of-age horror story” and a “horror love story,” follows

Maren Årlig on a cross-country trip while searching for the father she has never met, trying to understand why she has the urge to kill and eat the people who love her.

Chalamet and Russell are joined by the cast Mark RylanceAndré Holland, Michael Stuhlbarg, Francesca Scorsese, Anna Cobb, Chloë Sevigny, Halloween 2018 / Halloween kills director David Gordon Green, and original Suspiria star Jessica Harper.

Brought to us by Frenesy Film Company and Per Capita Productions, Bones and all is produced by Kajganich, Frenesy Films’ Guadagnino and Marco Morabito, Per Capita’s Theresa Park, Memo’s Francesco Melzi d’Eril and Gabriele Moratti, The Apartment Pictures’ Lorenzo Mieli and Cor Cordium’s Peter Spears. Giovanni Corrado and Raffaella Viscardi serve as executive producers. Funding came from The Apartment Pictures, Memo, Tender Stories, Enzio Ricci’s 3 Marys, Adler, Elafood, Elafilm, Manila, Serfis and Wise.

Bones and all is based on a novel by Camille DeAngelis and you can pick up a copy at THIS LINK.

Looking forward to seeing you Bones and all and see how Reznor and Ross’ score goes with the film? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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