Billy Eichner brings back Billy on the Street to promote Bros

The citizens of New York City have been safe from being yelled at by Billy Eichner for the past few years, but that’s about to change. The actor has brought back his comedy series Billy on the street to promote Bros. together withfamous and loved straight manPaul Rudd, Billy Eichner take to the streets to pump up the excitement for his upcoming film. Check out new paragraph below!

Produced by Funny or Die, Billy Eichner brought his card-fused comedy to the Billy on the street for five successful seasons. Bros serves as Eichner’s first lead role in a feature film and the first romantic comedy from a major studio centered around two gay men. In addition to starring in the film, Eichner also co-wrote the screenplay with director Nicholas Stoller.

Our own Chris Bumbray captured Bros at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. “An interesting thing about Bros is that at the beginning of the film, Bobby goes on a rant and explains how he was once approached to write a gay rom-com that seemed too tailored for a straight audience,Bumbray wrote. “He scoffs at the studio manager’s suggestion that “love is love is love.” Yet, oddly enough, the film proves that the director might have been right, with the ultimate love story between the two guys being pretty universal regardless of your sexual orientation.“Although he thought it stuck a little too closely to romantic comedy tropes,”everyone who checks it out will have a great time,” regardless of whether they think they are the target audience or not. You can check out the rest of Bumbray’s Bros review right here.

Bros coming to the cinema 30th of September.

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