Bill Maher Says Daniel Craig’s Bond Is ‘P***ified’

Bill Maher misses the good old days when James Bond was known for banging hot women instead of treating them with an iota of respect. Speaking about the Daniel Craig era of Bond films on his podcast, Maher believes the character has softened and is now “p***ified.”

Maher shared his thoughts on the character during an episode of his podcast, Club Random with Bill Maher. He chatted with YouTuber Hannah Stocking and the conversation eventually turned to how he feels the Bond character has changed for the worse. He feels they’ve turned Bond into a watered-down shell of his former self, and he’s now a man deeply in love and in a committed relationship in the final installment of the franchise, No time to die. Maher feels this is very un-James Bond and goes against the spirit of the character created by author Ian Fleming.

The bulk of this conversation began when Hannah Stocking said she had a scientific background. After this revelation, Maher said, “You’re the hot scientist. You’re like Dr. Christmas in the embassy, ​​the James Bond movie.” This is a reference to the fictional nuclear physicist played by Denise Richards in The world is not enough. This is where Maher went out of his way more “woke” James Bond.

“This was when James Bond was allowed to like f— hot chicks. You know, now they can really p—ify him. It’s so pathetic. [Bond] literally taking his girlfriend and her daughter on his mission to save the world. He almost stops at Target to buy tampons on his way to the underground lair.”

Maher continued, saying: “Yes, that’s because that’s what this is. The waking world we live in. But back in the day, Dr. Christmas and Denise Richards was hotter than the sun, it still is, and also a brilliant scientist. Which is like, you looked at her and said, “That’s not really possible.” Lea Seydoux played Daniel Craig’s love interest in the last two Bond films, and I don’t think Maher is trying to imply that she’s not beautiful, but I think he feels that the dynamic between Bond and his girlfriends has changed to something less sexy and more lovey-dovey.

This debate has previously come with a certain flavor that Bond has developed as a character and that the films don’t just use women as sexual objects to look at. On the other hand, I’m sure many agree with Bill Maher and miss it when the character was presented more as a ladies’ man.

Do YOU ​​think James Bond softened during the Daniel Craig era?

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