Best horror movies on HBO Max right now

Whenever we here at Arrow in the Head sign up for a new streaming service, the first thing we check out is the Horror section – and while HBO Max gained a lot of attention for releasing the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League and for the fact that Warner Bros. dropped all of their 2021 movies on the streaming service the same day they hit theaters, it turns out they have a pretty good selection of older movies too. So we have put together a list of them Best horror movies on HBO Max right nowand you can check it out below!


When Nightmare on Elm Street franchise creator Wes Craven was tasked with reviving the series for another film shortly after New Line Cinema attempted to end it with Freddy is dead, he decided to go meta with it. Craven even appears as himself in New nightmarewhich reveals that an ancient evil had been trapped within Nightmares movie. Now that the movies are over, this evil will be unleashed… but first it must go through Heather Langenkamp, ​​who played the heroine in the first Elm Street movie. It sounds really weird when you type it all out, but it plays brilliantly on screen. Who would have thought that the next Freddy-related movie after Freddy is dead would be one of the best horror movies of the 1990s?


The tomler was the first feature film for both director Robert Harmon and screenwriter Eric Red, but they managed to give us an enduring classic on their first attempt. The story is about a young man (C. Thomas Howell) who makes the mistake of picking up a hitchhiker on a dark and stormy night. That hitchhiker proceeds to turn the young man’s road trip into a living nightmare, racking up quite a body and causing a lot of mayhem along the way. The titular hitcher is played by the iconic Rutger Hauer, who delivered one of the most memorable and terrifying performances of his career in this film. The tomler is a must-see and arguably one of the best horror movies on HBO Max right now. If you haven’t seen this movie before, you should head over to HBO Max and check it out right away.


With his “giallo tribute” Malignant, director James Wan delivered a horror film that is absolutely insane. For some viewers, it’s off-putting. For others, it’s just the right kind of crazy to be appealing and entertaining. Annabelle Wallis stars as Madison, a woman who seems tormented by her imaginary childhood friend – one so evil she referred to him as the Devil – while a knife-wielding maniac goes around slashing people. It has something to do with a dark secret from Madison’s past… but Wan holds off on giving us all the details. Malignant get crazier as they go, building to a climax that is gloriously off-the-wall. The film received a fair amount of hate when it was released, but also found an appreciative audience that thinks it’s a blast.

Blob Irwin S. Yeaworth Jr.

THE BLOB (1958)

With a budget of $100,000 and a batch of red-colored silicone gel, director Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr. (who really wanted to make religiously themed films) unexpectedly gifted the genre with one of its most iconic creatures. Some viewers may scoff at the sight of The blob, as this mass of gel doesn’t exactly look scary as it rolls around picking up people, but this movie still packs a lot of entertainment value and is quite charming. Plus it gives the chance to see future A-lister Steve McQueen, in his first starring role and looking too old to play a teenager like he does here, try to save a small town from a seemingly unstoppable creature. The fun begins as soon as the movie starts and the unforgettable theme song starts.


Not many good movies have come out of the “Conjuring Universe”, but the most important ones Magic art movies are leagues above most of the spin-offs that have been released over the years. Director James Wan delivered one of the best haunted house movies of this century, and the best thing about it is the chemistry between Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as married paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Their interactions alone would do that The art of magic worth watching, but then Wan surrounds them with masterfully crafted scenes of suspense and jump scares as they try to rid a family’s home of an evil spirit and dig into a backstory of Satanism and witchcraft.


Fans who don’t like how director Stanley Kubrick and co-writer Diane Johnson strayed from Stephen King’s source material will disagree, but Evil hotel is one of the greatest horror films ever made. You can watch it on HBO Max right now and bask in the glory of its carefully crafted madness. Jack Nicholson delivers one of the most iconic performances of his career as Jack Torrance, a writer who works as the caretaker of a secluded mountain hotel, who is encouraged by the spirits that inhabit the place to go after his wife and his psychic son (Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd) with an axe. The film has an incredible backdrop, some very creepy scenes and a ton of unforgettable moments and lines.


Final destination is one of the most purely entertaining horror franchises we’ve had in the past few decades, and it’s been far too long since we last had an installment. It was the 2011 release Final destination 5, in which a group of people destined to die in a bridge collapse are saved from their fate by a vision of the future. Then Death himself must return and cause them to die in a variety of ways. This was one of the best entries in its franchise and has a very cool twist at the end that brought the series full circle. But we still need more sequels, and thankfully one Final destination 6 is said to be underway.


Another Steven Spielberg production, this one was directed by Joe Dante, who had previously directed PiranhaSpielberg’s favorite Jaws copy. The story begins when Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) receives Gizmo, an adorable little creature called a mogwai, for Christmas. Unfortunately, there are very strict rules for caring for a mogwai, and Billy is a lousy pet owner, so soon an army of maniacal gremlins have sprouted from Gizmo and begin wreaking havoc on small-town America. Gremlins is a nice mix of creepy creature moments and goofy comedy, making it one of the best options to showcase a youngster just getting into the horror genre.

Best Horror Movies on HBO Max


In 1988, FX artist Robert Kurtzman hired an unknown writer named Quentin Tarantino to reverse engineer his treatment From Dusk To Dawn into a manuscript. It was the first time Tarantino was ever paid to write anything. Less than ten years later, with an Oscar in hand, Tarantino decided to team up with director Robert Rodriguez to bring From morning to evening to the screen, and this collaboration resulted in one of my all-time favorite films. The first half plays like a straightforward crime thriller, following criminal brothers (George Clooney and Tarantino) on the run as they take a family (Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, Ernest Liu) hostage to help them get into Mexico. The brothers are supposed to meet some colleagues at a strip club called Titty Twister – but when they reach the club, “all hell breaks loose” (as Tarantino’s script said) and the film switches genres and becomes an action-packed horror film. It’s incredibly entertaining with fantastic characters battling some very strange and wild creatures of the night.


The early 90s wasn’t a great time for the horror genre, but we did get a few classics from that period. One of the most overlooked of these classics is George A. Romero‘s Stephen King adaptation The dark half, which puts a horrific twist on the time King put aside his Richard Bachman pseudonym. In this story, author Thad Beaumont writes highbrow stories under his own name and publishes crime novels under the name George Stark. When Thad tries to make up with George Stark, his alter ego becomes an actual person and starts stalking him and killing the people around him. And yes, King has a very strange explanation for how that is possible. This is a great thriller and the closest Romero ever came to making a slasher (except maybe some scenes in Martin).

Are these some of the best horror movies on HBO Max? Sound off below with anything you think we forgot!

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