We’re big fans of Charles Band and his company Full Moon here at Arrow in the Head. We’ve followed Full Moon all the way from the VHS rental days to the present day Full Moon streaming service. So we figured it was time to make a list Best Full Moon Movie – and you can see the results below. Did your favorites make the cut? Let us know which Full Moon movies you think are among the best by leaving a comment below. Listed in no particular order, we have…


The sci-fi action franchise Trance started at Charles Band’s former company Empire Pictures (the first is set for Christmas and should be part of any holiday viewing rotation) and continued with several – but not enough – sequels to Full Moon. The best of the sequels is Trancers III: Death Lives, which finds the great Tim Thomerson reprising his role as “future cop” Jack Deth, traveling through time in search of zombie-like creatures called trancers. Directed by C. Courtney Joyner, Trancer III reveals that the first trancers were created in 2005 as part of a secret military program led by a really creepy guy known as Colonel “Daddy” Muthuh (Andrew Robinson). With the help of a soldier who escaped the program, a fin-headed android called Shark, and his ex-wife Lena (Helen Hunt), Deth tries his best to wipe out this first group of military-trained trancers.

Best Full Moon Movie


Charles Band is a big fan of Marvel Comics, which is why most of the Full Moon movies take place in the same cinematic universe, and why he caters to fans through video series like Videozone and Full Moon Universe. And if you want to see how Band tells a superhero story, check out the movie Doctor Mordrid, which he directed with his father Albert Band. Jeffrey Combs plays the title character, who is basically a variation of the Marvel character Doctor Strange and has to fight an evil sorcerer named Kabal (Cobrais Brian Thompson). Doctor Mordrid is not, as many believe, the result of Full Moon acquiring and losing the rights to make a Doctor Strange movie, but it started with a character legendary artist Jack Kirby created named Doctor Mortalis for a project that did not make it into production at Empire Pictures.

Best Full Moon Movie


Full Moon introduced the world to an iconic villain with the 1991 film Subspecies, which stars Anders Hove as a creature named Radu, the offspring of a vampire and a sorceress. So not only does he enjoy sucking blood, but he also has special abilities – like the fact that his severed appendages and drops of his blood can turn into little monsters. With a fantastic autumn atmosphere and a fast performance Phantasm‘s Angus Scrimm, the first Subspecies shows Radu pestering a trio of university students who come snooping around the castle he lives in. Subspecies went so well, director Ted Nicolaou was brought back to helm four sequels (Subspecies 5 just complicated production) and a spin-off called Vampire journals. Hove has also returned to star in each sequel, but the role of the final girl Michelle was recast, with Denice Duff taking over from Laura Tate.


Stuart Gordon directed some of the most popular HP Lovecraft adaptations ever made. His first two, Re-animator and From beyond, were both distributed by Empire Pictures, and he made his third Lovecraft adaptation for Full Moon. It was Castle Freakloosely based on the short story The outsider and filmed at a castle owned by Charles Band in Italy. Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton play John and Susan Reilly with Jessica Dollarhide as their blind teenage daughter Rebecca. The Reillys have just inherited a castle in Italy, unaware that a horribly disfigured, emaciated man – the title character – has been held captive on the premises. When this man gets free, he starts killing anyone who crosses his path and creeps on Rebecca. By the time the credits roll, some very gross things have happened in that castle.

Best Full Moon Movie


After working in the Full Moon promotion department for several years, Dave Parker was given the chance to write and direct his own film for the company – and delivered a really fun zombie flick that paid homage to some of his horror heroes. The dead hate the living! centers on a group of independent filmmakers who have decided to shoot a zombie film in an abandoned hospital. Unfortunately for them, this hospital was also the base of operations for a scientist named Eibon (Matt Stephens), who actually discovered a way to bring the dead back to life. Soon the zombie filmmakers are fighting for their lives against real zombies and trying to translate their horror knowledge into survival skills. This is the kind of movie where a character will stop to consider “What would Bruce Campbell do?” before they go into battle with the living dead. It’s a blast, and one of the best Full Moon movies.

Best Full Moon Movie


One of the more recent examples of the full moon creating an iconic, recurring character, The Gingerdead Man begins with Gary Busey killing more people as rampaging madman Millard Findlemeyer. Busey isn’t on screen very long, his character is captured and executed – but when Millard resurrects as a murderous gingerbread man so he can go after battered survivor Sarah Leigh (Full Moon regular / Charles Band’s longtime girlfriend Robin Sydney), Busey also provides the voice of the “Ginger Dead Man”. Of course, Busey did not return to voice the character for the many sequels and crossovers the Gingerdead Man has appeared in since this film. The Gingerdead Man received two direct sequels and has appeared in not only Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong but several other installments i Evil Bong franchise. It starts out very simple in this movie, which is just about the killer cookie that attacks people in a bakery. Things get wild from here.


Charles Band’s company Empire Pictures fell apart in 1988, but within months he had created Full Moon. The company’s first release was the 1989 killer doll classic puppeteerwhich started a franchise that is still receiving new installments to this day. Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge is widely considered not only to be the pinnacle of puppeteer series, but also one of the best Full Moon movies ever made. Directed by David DeCoteau, this one shows us the origins of the dolls in 1941 Berlin, revealing that Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe) transformed them into living beings by imbuing them with the life essence of friends and loved ones killed by the Nazis . He then used the dolls to fight back against the Nazis and worked his way up to the man who murdered his wife: Major Kraus (Richard Lynch), whose appearance inspired the design of the most popular doll, Blade.

Best Full Moon Movie


Charles Band has always had a penchant for small horrors, and he wasn’t content with that puppeteer is the only small terror franchise on Full Moon. So he teamed up with director Peter Manoogian and screenwriter David S. Goyer to make Demonic toys, which is about a group of people who get trapped in a toy warehouse called Toyland, where they are tormented by evil dolls that follow the orders of a demon. The demon is played by child actor Daniel Cerny, who would appear evil again in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest a few years later. The title characters are clown jack-in-the-box Jack Attack, evil teddy bear Grizzly Teddy, robot Mr. Static and mouthy doll Baby Oopsie Daisy. They’re a fun bunch who’ve got their own franchise; not as productive as puppeteer, but entertaining. They even got the crossover puppeteer and Doll man.

Best Full Moon Movie

COMMON! (1997)

Another of Full Moon’s tiny horror films, Horrible! may not be known by its title, but it has one of the most memorable sights of any of the company’s films: a topless Jacqueline Lovell standing in the snow, wearing a gorilla mask and holding a gun. Lovell’s character is the personal assistant of Dr. Emilio Lorca (Michael Citriniti), an oddity collector whose biggest rival is Mel Johnson Jr. as Napoleon Lazar. These characters and others gather at a castle in the Pennsylvania countryside (the film was actually shot in Romania), where they end up being attacked by some of the oddities Lorca and Lazar want in their collections: a quartet of deformed human fetuses. This wild horror comedy was directed by Charles Band himself and features some ridiculous, over-the-top characters. The Fosters didn’t get another film, but Lorca would return Demonic toys 2 thirteen years later.

Best Full Moon Movie


One of Charles Band’s personal favorite Full Moon films is the bizarre 1995 release Head of the family, about a family of mutants controlled by the giant-headed Myron. For decades he has hoped to make a sequel called The marriage of the head of the family – which would bind Main movies with the 1999s Blood puppets. This one stars Jack Maturin as Virgil Travis, a wealthy, small-headed madman who has two servants (Phil Fondacaro and William Paul Burns), an all-female rock band locked in a cage, and a sadistic streak. He turns some of his enemies into living puppets, which he sends out to kill his other enemies. Written and directed by Band, Blood puppets is an absurd film that basks in its own absurdity. Packed with entertaining dialogue and strong comedic performances, it doesn’t get as much love as it deserves.

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