Becky 2: The Wrath of Becky photo shows a bloodied Lulu Wilson

Seven months have passed since we heard the fantastic news that production had moved forward Becky’s Wratha sequel to the very cool “ultra violent Home alone“thriller Becky (see it HEREread the 9/10 review of the film received from our own The Iceman HERE). We still don’t know when Becky’s Wrath is getting a wide release, but it has been announced that the film will have its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March – and along with that announcement comes the unveiling of a first look image, which can be seen at the bottom of this article. The image shows our heroine Becky, played by Lulu Wilson (Annabelle: The creation), at a moment when she is drenched in blood.

While the first Becky was directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion from a screenplay by Nick Morris, Ruckus Skye and Lane Skye, Becky’s Wrath is written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. Angel and Coote have previously directed the Netflix thrillers Open house and Hypnotic. The sequel has the following synopsis: After living off the grid for two years, Becky finds herself going toe-to-toe against Darryl, the leader of a fascist organization, on the eve of an organized attack.

Becky’s Wrath was produced by Russ Posternak of Post Film; Raphael Margules, JD Lifshitz and Tracy Rosenblum of BoulderLight Pictures; Chad Harbold; and Yale Productions’ Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman. Quiver Distribution’s Berry Meyerowitz, Jeff Sackman and Larry Greenberg serve as executive producers along with Wilson, Scott, Nick Morris, Jonathan Millot and Cary Murnion. The production was financed by Media Finance Capital and Rainmaker Films.

Wilson is joined in the cast by Seann William Scott, Matt Angel, Courtney Gains, Aaron Della Villa, Michael Sirow, Denise Burse-Fernandez, Jill Larson and Kate Siegel.

Were you a fan of Beckyand are you looking forward to Becky’s Wrath? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below. I thought Becky was amazing so I can’t wait to see the sequel.

Here is the first look image:

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